Sunday, January 08, 2006

The Great White Pointer

While on Bruny Island, we were warned about the kids going swimming. There were sightings of a 18 ft shark circling a baby whale carcus off of Adventure Bay. Since the waters weren't safe...due to the sharks, the parks decided to tow the whale to shore. We just happened to be the first on site as they let go the rope as the carcus floated to shore in the surf.

The Aussies are quite nanchalent about the great white shark, however I have heard of more attacks in the last eight months here in Australia then in my lifetime in N. America. Hummmm! Posted by Picasa


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Check out that bit

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The tide pools at Penguin Island

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Bruny Nat. Park-Haunted woods

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Local Residence

This is an Echidna. It was slowly ambling across the bridge in Adventure Bay. We got out and took picures. When spooked or feeling threatened, it would curl up in a ball and show us it's quills. A short time later it would continue on its way in a slow steady crawl. Adorable. The marsupials in Tassie are amazing! Posted by Picasa

Bruny Island Landscape

Bruny island is a short drive/ferry ride from Kingston Beach. I think it is one of my favorite places we have visited. The landscape ranges from farmland to pristine beaches, clear blue waters and a beachy atmosphere. It is usually void of crowd except for the odd long weekend in the summer. Lucky for us we have use of some waterfront acrage with showers, dock, bathroom facilities that is now only inhabited by evening marsupials looking for a salmon mort. Posted by Picasa