Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Moving Again!

This is the our container full of all our lifes possesions leaving Canada in April 05 enroute to Seattle Wa. USA and on to Hobart Tas. It was a sad day as I watched it leave however the days to follow were much sadder. Saying goodby to our friends was the hardest of all especially when we had 14 years of friendships. Sigh...sniffle, sniffle.

So we are moving again. This time it is only to the next community of Blackmans Bay. We finally bought a home. We can't wait until we can unpack the boxes still packed, stored under the house. I have forgotten what treasures lie below. We can put up our artwork, build a tree house, sand box, fire pit, or whatever. I am ready for a long awaited settle.

Now..the list, cancel phone, electric, broad band, address forward, book movers, transfer funds, reply to solicitor, collect boxes, tidy rental yard, notice of vacancy, insurance...the list goes on.

The we purchased is a lovely 12 yr. old 5 bed/2bth. home in a great area. We even have a small view of the NW bay from our large 3/4 acre yard. The street is lined with Eucalyptus trees and very private. That was the main attraction. It is close to school and lots of kids on the block. We need some renovations...the first being insulation and double glazed window so we can feel warm again in winter. Can't wait to get out of this rental. Posted by Picasa