Friday, July 08, 2005

Roo Fever

The imfamouse Tamanian Devil
Wedge-tail Eagle

Judy named this one Princess Fields of Roos
Wallaby Wispers
Love at First Sight

Kangaroo Fever

Wallabys, wambats, bandicots, spotted quoals, koalas, kangaroos, tassie devils, echidna,kokaburra, currawongs, tawney frogmouth and tassie tigers. Amazing how many species of animals I didn't know existed. Wambats are the favorites with the kids. Tasmania sports the majority of these nocturnal animals in the form of road kill. However for our marsupial fixes we head off to several wildlife parks for hands on marsupial petting. ZooDoo scores a 10 topping out our list of favorite. The life threatening safari ride on the opensided, zebra striped jeep into the ostrich paddock is incredible. Feed flocks of enormous ostriches bread crumb/sawdust out of your hand. It is something not to miss. In addition waterbuffalo and camels are other hungry beggers. The ostrich feeding is right up there on my list of thrill rides. Comprable to bungy jumping, fox hunting on horseback, looking into a active volcano.