Thursday, February 23, 2006

Belated Tag

I was tagged by Tanya of Purple Giraffe just before my computer broke and made its long voyage overseas for repair. This is my belated reply...

Three things I wanted to be when I was a child-
1. A Horse Trainer/Instructor
2. An Olympian
3. A Horse

If I could relive one moment in my childhood, what would it be
One day during the summer I turned 11. I had a little buckskin pony name Huckleberry Finn. He and I spent just about everyday that summer galloping through the bridle trails of Rolling Hills, Calif. We would venture out bareback, barefoot from dawn to dusk discovering special places hidden in the hills. Nothing like the feel of freedom. My pony was my wheels to the world.

If I could take only 5 thing with me, and two minutes to gather them...I would choose.
1. My Family (including the dog)
2. photos/photo albums
3. Computer
4. Jewlery
5. Egyptian painting (done by my mother)

If I was to put one saying on my wall what would it be?
What you eat will have to run off tomarrow.

If I received notice that I could only bring one flower and five books what would they be?
Flower, A Bird Of Paradise. I have always loved those.
1. Old Man and the Sea
2. Hamlet
3. A current World Atlas
4. The Giving Tree (Shelsilverstein)
5. The Magas

Three Lucky people I tag.
1. Sandy
2. Ms. Wilson
3. Kathleen