Sunday, December 10, 2006

The Great Mouse Adventure


My son found four baby mice in the our dog food container (a garbage can)in the garage. Who knows how long they had been in there without water. They were slow and fragile. The kids assured me that we could keep them for a few days just to make sure they were rehydrated. Silly me...what was I thinking when I said OK?

We made a little cage out of a plastic container complete with bedding, food, and water. Amazing how docile the little mice were when they were dehydrated.

After much water and a few mouse naps, they had become much less docile. They were jumpy, bouncy, and lightning quick. By noon we had two escapees and one casualty. We were able to capture one of them but the other climbed into a inaccessible space in a kitchen cabinet. Ugggg!

We will be setting them free far from here ASAP! Posted by Picasa