Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Walls of the Past

The Davies Park walls has tombstones inbeded within the walls. The stones tell facinating stories about those who came before us. They date back to the 1800's. Many of the stones belong to children who had passed on very young. It is a peaceful, and thoughtful place. Posted by Picasa

Davies Park Gardens

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Summer in The Park

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The kids and I were out house hunting in the country when we stopped to admire the cows in the field. We spied this bull just 8 feet from the fence. First J started to make clucking noises similar to that used to send a horse forward. C, my 4 years old son commented on the bulls enormous private parts. The bull started to paw, snort, paw, snort, paw, charge. The only thing between him and us was 2 tiny strands of barbed wire. I yelled "run" as the bull charged towards the fence. It stopped just short of the line. Won't be stopping there again. Posted by Picasa