Saturday, July 16, 2005

41 Windsor St

Where spirits live

Browns River
41 Windsor

We have moved four times in four months. House #1 was in Canada. We miss it. The sale was finalized July 11. House #2- Dynerrnes Tas. Modern, chic, sweeping views of the ocean (locally known as the Derwent River) No yard, pricey, no pets. House # 3 41 Windsor St. Kingston Beach. Surrounded by water on three sides,Browns River on two sides and the ocean one block East. Browns River was dark, and murky resembling something out of Creature of the Black Lagoon. The strange laugh of the kokobourro in the gum trees echoed in the neighborhood early in the morning. 41 Windsor St was built by a prominent family in the mid 1800. In the late 1800 it was used as a church. It boasted the beautiful crown moldings, 12ft ceilings, polished planked flooring, archways, and French doors. We moved in on May 29 and out on July 4. During our 34 day stay we had an electrician, plumber, appliance man, and woodstove repairman come for repairs. Things would start/stop working for no reason. The house was strangely cold regardless of heating elements. The kids became frightened and would no longer independently roam the house,not even to use the bathroom. There was a presence there. Someone watching. We all felt it. Upon departure the owners son informed me that he too had felt it. He also said a young girl had hung herself there two year prior. House #4 Sheoak Court. Clean, modest, fenced, well designed. So far no ghosts. Pictures-top Windsor St house, Mid, Browns River, Lower left, Dynerrnes, bottom right-41 Windsor St.