Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Five Days

I woke up this morning with a new hope. My computer which had broken down...was returning from Melbourne. Not a day went by where thoughts of incoming emails, blog comment replys, or information searches were absent. Sorry to everyone for the late replys.

The Computer Saga:
We purchased a Toshiba laptop in Canada less then a year ago. We were insured that it would work from both 220 volts or 110volts. My husbands last laptop was fried when using it in Europe when he plugged it into 220 volts. Two times int he last 8 months our computer overheated and began shutting down. The first time Toshiba blamed it on dust and a shop in Hobart fixed at no cost. This time, I was informed that I had to pay to send it to Melbourne where it should have been sent the first time. Off it went and now it is back. It seems to be working fine but I am a bit suspicious that it really might have something to do with the voltage. I am glad to have it back.

Picture is of a sunset off of our deck of the house we are renting. Love the clouds here. Posted by Picasa