Friday, December 23, 2005

Fields of Memories

My ancestors were Kansas wheat farmers. Maybe that is where my facination with pastures of grass originated from. Endless fences lead you down a path to a gate. Maybe there is a white pony on the otherside. Posted by Picasa

Tassie Countryside.

Between Launceston and Hobart there is a long narrow road. It takes about 2.5 hours @ 100 km. I have driven it many times in the last couple months to exibit my dog Ruby at some of the Australian breed shows. I have seen the changes of seasons, fall, winter, and spring. One section of the road is lined with dead Eucalyptus trees. It feels a bit like a dead zone. The dead tree sculptures are so artistic against a gray sky and a parched land. No one knows what is killing them. The area is basically uninhabited. There is the odd farm house. There is no industry to blame. Hummmm. Maybe it is the hole in the ozone. Tassie has the strongest UV's of anywhere in Australia. The sun is very stong here. A burn happens in a matter of 30 min on an overcast day. Being quite familiar with skin cancer, I asked my doctor about the prevalence of this condition. He hadn't seen much. Hummmm. I wonder if other doctors have seen much skin cancer. Posted by Picasa

Storm A Brewing

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Our Garden

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"Please Take My Picture"

I was photographing trees when I felt this little boy tug on my shirt. He asked if I would take his picture. I looked around for his parent. No one was around. I felt a little funny about taking some pics of some one eles child with out permission but he kept asking in that pleading voice "Pllleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees" So I did which was a big mistake. He persisted in following me around like a lost puppy for the next half hour "pleeeeeeeeeeees, take another of me" He said. I wonder where his parents were. Posted by Picasa

Spring Leaves

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