Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Ruby's Incredible Journey

Spotswood staff are great! She sure has grown.
The Rubster -AKA Carmen Electra

Ruby is our Bernese Mountain Dog. When we committed to moving to Tasmania, she was only four months old. Just a pup. She is a special friend. Australia doesn't allow imports for dogs as young as 6 months. We wouldn't have left her behind despite the 150 offers to take her off of our hands. It seems most every one loves her.
Australian quarantine is amonst the strictest in the world. Of course a rabies free continent like Australia., where the only population of marsupials such as the Tassie devil, Kangaroo, wambats, Koalas, Wallabys, Bandicots, quoals exist only here., it is obvious why the requirements are so strict. Ruby made her incredible journey. She spent 4 months with our much appreciated friends , the Ashcrofts while we started our lives in Tassie. They took excellent care of her and safely saw her off in Vancouver. She couldn't of had been with a better family. Ruby then spent over 30 hours traveling to HongKong then to Australia. Quite a big trip for a pup. She is currently in her minimum of 30 days in quarantine at Spotswood quarentine center in Melborne Victoria. We can't wait until she is out. Welcome to Australia Ruby. We have missed you.
Thanks again Ashcroft Family.