Monday, August 15, 2005

Progressive or behind the times?

The latest hot topic in Tasmania, hot off the press is legalization of brothels. The advocates are comparing themselves to Holland claiming they it will protect women. Gambling in all forms is a huge business.
There are more off track betting businesses in Hobart then restaurants. There are race tracks everywhere.
It was illegal to be gay in Tasmania only 8 years ago. Today they are promoting Tasmania as a holiday heaven for gay travellers.
Children under age two legally must be in car seats however there is a clause that allows single mothers under a certain income to be exempt.
A store legally has the right to check all your bags as you leave the store.
A great bottle of wine can be purchased for less then $5.00/bottle. Cheaper if you buy in bulk. Australia has a population of 17 million. That compares to Canada at 30 million and the USA at 250 million.
50% of Australians live on less then $30000/year. If you make $6001/year you pay 23% in Taxes. If you make $60000/year you pay 42% which is the top bracket.
It is all so interesting. It certainly shapes an image of a progressive but isolated place. Maybe a dinosaure in the computer age.