Monday, December 19, 2005

Coffee Matters

H and L improrted two cans of TIM HORTONS coffee as a gift for us. It is hard to undertand my excitement unless you have tasted the Canadian Tim Hortons coffee. It is the best. I can't imagine a better gift being that Tassie is so quality coffee deprived. I can't wait to wake up tomarro. Posted by Picasa

Familiar faces

We welcomed old friends (going back to 1987-88 ) to Tassie. H and L and their son have moved to Tassie to work with my husband in the Salmon farming Industry. They are the adventurest types with previous experiences living in foreign lands. We expect they will have no problems adjusting and will enjoy the challenges ahead of them. We are thrilled they are here . The greek food was good too. Posted by Picasa