Thursday, December 29, 2005

Inside The Taste of Tasmania

Tonight we couldn't even find a seat. It is so jam packed that we managed to find a quiet corner where the kids could choke down a pizza slice. The Taste of Tasmania Festival takes place Dec 27-Jan 3. Inside the warf shed there are at least 100 food stalls. There is greek, seafood, Chilean, Tassie, German, Indian, and the list goes on. I really must try the Wallaby burger with pesto.
At least 40 of the 100 or so stalls are selling beer/wine. Tastings are free so many people just move from stall to stall asking for samples. Some buy bottles, others glasses. I have never seen so many open containers in a single place at one given moment, however everyone seemed very sober and reasonable. I can't wait to see what New Years brings at The Taste. I'll know because we will be there. Posted by Picasa


The picture doesn't do this yacht justice. This is the Scandia. She took third place. She is 30 metres long with a mast that rises 44 metres. She is valued at over 8 million. Her hull is carbon steel and titanium. Below deck she has 16 bunks. The first and second place finishers, Wild Oats, and Alfa Romero are both valued at 10 million. My favorite boat was The Hugo Boss where the entire crew kicked off the race with suits made by Hugo Boss. They looked smashing in their pictures. Posted by Picasa

Another finisher

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Lady Nelson

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Street Performance

Not only did this bloke stand on his sons bike 20 ft up a long pole, but he also juggled a torch, running chain saw, and a huge knife as well. Posted by Picasa

The Taste of Tasmania

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Way up there

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Waterfront Scene

The day the first yacht finished the Rolex Sydney to Hobart race The Taste of Tasmania Festival was beginning. The waterfront is decorated with flags, banners, carnival booths, food stalls, and in the Tasmanian tasting/sales stalls. It extends all the way to Salamanca Place. Anyone comming to visit Tasmania, this is the week! Posted by Picasa


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