Thursday, May 04, 2006

Driving Test At 42???

I have held a drivers license since the age of 16, typical of most N.American youth. With the exception of an occasional speeder my record has been clean. To be quite driving capabilities are exceptional. I can drive with coffee in hand, cell phone, applying mascara, reciting a children's book while the kids followed along. I am a multitasking queen.

Tasmanian law requires residence of 3 or more months to hold a Tasmanian license. So off I went however only because my Canadian license was about to expire.

I failed the written part twice. Ouch! The testing format was computerized. What happened to the written form of yesteryear? I had to remember that right-away and give-way are opposites. The entire experience was a bit humiliating.

During the driving test I was nervous. The instructor was very sweet but serious. He chatted in a friendly manner the entire test! I was wishing he would have shut up feeling the need to concentrate. Was he going to fail me for releasing the hand break before putting the car in gear. I drove on like Driving Miss Daisy with both hands on the wheel despite his incessant blablablablabla .
I had to parallel park (reverse park in Aussie terms), U turn, angle park, negotiate the dreaded round-a-bouts with visions of Chevy Chase in European Vacation. I was terrified I was going to hit the wipers instead of the turn signal.

When we pulled into the car park he pulled out the testing evaluation forms and made a few erratic movements with a pen. I practiced my rhythmic breathing. "Did I pass?"................................................."Right mate, take this and get your photo".

Phhheewww....what a relief.