Saturday, December 31, 2005

Modern Art

It drew a crowd. No one could quite understand what it was. Someone had littered the harbor with these sinks?

Ok... I was someones idea of art. What did it all mean? Sinks....sinking..sinking sinks. I had a sinking feeling? It turned out that the name of the sculpture was Fleet. I guess they thought it looked like a fleet of sail boats. I don't quite get it. Hummmmm. I thought Sinking sinks was quite clever. Posted by Picasa

Happy New Years!

We have been in Tasmania for 8 months now. We thought it was time to get ourselves a real cray. This one was just over 2 Kg. I walked into a fish store 5 min before closing on New Years evening . The owner offered me a deal if I were to take the big one in front. I am a sucker for a good deal. What a good way to welcome the new year. Yummmmmmmmmmmy! Happy New Year!!! Posted by Picasa

A taste of Tasmania (for Kids)

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Missy J-people watching

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Sunset sail

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