Saturday, July 23, 2005

Aussie Speak

I learned today that I speak American as opposed to English. I received a post from Judy's school confirming the detailed information requested by the Dept of Ed Tasmania. The requested information was mostly about our child's family life. Things like address, previous schooling, parents employment situation. That sort of stuff. One question read like this; Does the child speak another language besides English at home? I automatically checked the box that said no. It was later changed by some unknown to read it, yes-American.

Below are example of Aussie speak. It doesn't sound much like English to me.

"If there is a hiccup I will give you a tingle" (If it falls through Ill phone you to let you know)
"Is Joe shouting" (is Joe buying dinner)
"Bruce, Sheila" (any boy child, any girl child)
"Beautiful" (super, excellent, good, great,)
"under the pump" (under pressure)
"very dear" (very expensive)
"fine, mostly fine, ordinary, pretty average" (pertaining to weather;good, fair, overcast, stormy) "Swag" (a common bird)
"It's all right" (your welcome, good by)
"thirsty" (gas guzzling cars)
"Seeks" (six)

Ute= pick up truck
float= trailer towed behind a car
vegemite= revolting tar like substance, absolutely vile
petrol=gas for the car
gas= natural gas/propane
take away=to go (food)
car boot sale= garage sale
under contract= house with an offer on it
long black=black coffee
short black= black coffee really stong
flat white= coffee with lots of milk
machiato coffee=coffee with a bit of milk foam
Morning tea=10:00am snack
Afternoon tea=3:00pm snack

Couple of other differences. Everyone wares speedos here. Pedestrians DON"T have the right away. Beware when crossing.