Sunday, July 31, 2005

Bruny Island

Adventure Bay

Mark rehearing the Old Spice advertisement
Another beautiful view
Adventure Bay

(above Kettering)

Some Pretty sad facts about Aboriginal History in Tasmania

Sea Turtle Tracks

Fairy penguin Migration habitat
Kettering Crossing
A drive along the beach for 4 Kms thrilled the kids. It finishes at a road that connects to a point looking south. Spectacular!

Adventurer Casey
Sandy narrowing famous for the Fairly penguin Migration

We traveled to Bruny Island last weekend. It is a short ferry ride away from Kettering which is a short drive out of Hobart. We could see Bruny Island from just about anywhere between Hobart on down south to the end of the earth called Verona Sands. From Verona Sands all you can see until you arrive at the Antarctic, if you could see that far. Bruny Island was a sleepy island during our winter visit. The white sandy beaches are dotted with Aussie shacks that much resemble a surfer houses. Those shacks only 10 years ago could be purchase for a mere $30000. Now they are priced around $300000-up. Bruny is about half the size of Vancouver Island, twice as warm and 10000 times dryer. It sports a small population of 500 in the winter and 5000-6000 in the summer. Bruny is know for its incredible endless white sandy beaches, jade green waters as clear as glass, great surf, laid back tude, and the infamous fairy penguin migrationviewed only in the summer. We saw sea turtle tracks in the pristine sands of the beach. They are most likely visible in the summer months. There are only a few places to eat during the winter so make sure you don't pass an open restaurant expecting to find another on the next block. People are friendly and helpful. We will be back. Happy Travels.