Thursday, January 12, 2006

Fairy Penguin Migration

My camera (Canon IS) has it's limitations. Shooting at twilight without a flash is one of the limitations. In this blackout is an adult Fairy Penguin returning from its day out at sea. It fished all day filling it's belly with as much fish as possible. It waited off the shores of the white sandy beach with hundreds of other penguins. It waited until twilight. The adult Fairy penguins then marched like little wind-up toys up the beach numbering around three hundred. After a very steep climb up a sand dune they are greeted at the entrance of a burrrow in the sand by a hungry, chirping penguin chick. This rare occurance happens during the summer months in several places in Tasmania. We witnessed it off of Bruny Island. Certainly a once in a life time opportunity. Incredible! (sorry but flashes were not allowed so guess you'll have to come see it for yourselves.) Posted by Picasa