Saturday, August 13, 2005

New prospective..The beauty of vertical blinds

It is something I never thought I would admit but I love my vertical blinds. Let me explain before you judge me as just having really bad taste or from a low socio-economic background. My new prospective on vertical blinds surprised me more then ever. It has taken me nearly four months to admit it. The interesting things you learn when you live somewhere different. My Tassie rental home reaches a balmy 15 degrees(approx 60 f) on a winter day while outside temperature maybe a few degrees colder. In the land of single-pained windows and uninsulated houses I have discovered the answer for comfort. My vertical blinds are my second pane of my windows.
aussies homes are very different then N.America. Heat is only on in the room you are occupying. You manually turn off the heat when you leave the room and turn it on in the next room. The heat if turned off at night and electric blankets are turned on. Electricity costs are very high so these habits have been engraved in every good Aussie. Tasmania is really one of the only cold states in Australia and due to its isolation from the rest of the world, home insulation hasn't been popular, even today.

Ok..Judge me not, it is only out of desperation for warmth that I love my vertical blinds.