Monday, October 24, 2005


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Tangled Web

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Terry E. shot and killed himself on Wed, October 16. was the message from my Canadian friend Sandy. What a shocker.

Terry E. was married a soccer mate of mine. His wife and I were team comrades for a good 4 years. I remember Terri E. at several soccer victory celebrations. He was a good supporter and often the life of the party. He had a delivery truck business and brought topsoil to our house every spring. He was a light hearted, enthusiastic, a bigger then life kinda guy. He never struck me as being troubled. Who would have thought?

Terri E. was only 43 yrs. The saddest part is the children who are left behind; Jasmine 11 and Brady 8. What a weight to bear. My heart goes out to them.

You have to wonder what went through his mind those last few moments?