Wednesday, February 15, 2006

The Hobart Cup

I am not really much of a race track fan but I can always appreciate a fine horse and love watching a sleek, fit, TB chomping at the bit. Watching the Melbourne Cup Horse Race on TV this year with it's incredible winner added to my desire to attend the next big horse race.

Monday marked a holiday know as Regatta Day here in Tasmania. The Hobart Cup Horse Race is held on this day. It was a day of betting, drinking, eating, loosing, winning, fashion, and crowds.

The fashion of the day was thin straped sun dresses, thin, strappy heels, champagne, and outragous hats. People were dressed to kill. There were tents and booths set up selling everything from lamb rolls to candy floss (cotton candy). The most popular place was the bars. Certainly the biggest winner of the day. I am sure more people were drinking then betting. Security was highly visible and breath tests were free (a really good idea). Despite the heavy consumption of alcohol I didn't notice any unmanagable behavior.

The only disappointment was that the race grounds were under construction. There was very little seating where you could infact see the horses. I was there to see the horses not to party. Even the big screen was at the far end of the track where it was hardly visable. We left before the 7th race and went home to see it on TV which gave us a better view.

As a party or fashion show, The Cup gets a thumbs up but don't expect to veiw the beautiful horses much. Posted by Picasa

The People, The Party

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Another way to bet

I have never seen betting done this way. Where are the electronics? Posted by Picasa

The Betting Room

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Back to the Barn

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The Winners Circle

Where are the horses? Posted by Picasa

The Mobs

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