Wednesday, December 21, 2005

What is he thinking?

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Welcome to Judbury

The Welcome to Judbury sign is posted on the wall of the public toilets. At the bottom the the sign it asks for suggestions and donations. I could think of a few. Maybe sign relocation?? Posted by Picasa

The Real Santa Wears Fish Farm Boots

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A salmon christmas

Judbury is a flyspeck on the road between other flyspeck towns in Tasmania's farming county. It consists of a church, park, footy field, fire brigade, and a handful of farm houses. It was Sunday when we drove through. Church was just out and the residence were lingering around the church front enjoying a shorty. A shorty is slang for a beer, a rather large beer, not at all short. It was 11:00am.
We were on our way to The Tassel Christmas party/BBQ for the kids at the Judbury park. Judbury doesn't get this many people through it's township any time a year. Maybe that is why the church goers were boozing at 11:00am in the morning.
From across the country bridge the sirens could be heard. Santa was comming. Santa sped down the narrow old road, passed the church, chafferred by the Judybury fire captain in the Judbury fire engine. The display was nothing short of spactacular. The Judbury shorty drinkers/church goers all put down their shortys and came to see what was going on. Santa arrived at the Judbury park with a green garbage bag filled with presents for all the good little children of Tassel. Posted by Picasa