Sunday, January 22, 2006

37C (Kingston Beach)

Today was hot! Not even the breeze aided the cooling process. Instead it felt quite a bit like I had turned my hair dryer on my face. A cruel joke from the roaring 40's none the less.

I have a tan. I haven't had a tan for years. I didn't try for a just happened. The tan happened regardless of the 7 bottles of sunscreen dilagently reapplied every hour. Hats have become an everyday item. We are practicing our sun safety however despite our efforts we can't successfully combate the hole in the ozone directly over us and the blazing Austalian sun. Even the dog headed for the water. She is terrified of waves but the heat overcame her and she braved the swells.

Our next plan of attack is to purchase a spray bottle instead of going to the beach. The hot sand blistered my tender tootsies and the sun hurts too much at the beach. Monday is going to be cooler. I think we might go to the ICE SKATING ARENA. Posted by Picasa