Monday, October 17, 2005

Garderners Beware!

Spring has brought many new creatures out of the ground. Mark found this scorpion in the garden. It is poisonous and can be lethal. This is the first one we have found but they aren't uncommon. We watched it battle a Jack Jumper ant. Jack Jumpers are huge bitting, jumping ants which are the most feared insect by the locals. The ant bite very often causes alergic reactions, often lethal. The scorpion won hands down. I will be wearing my gardening gloves! Yuck!!!!!! Posted by Picasa

The Canadian Invasion

These are the Canadian mangagers that Mark recruited to Tasmania. They remind me of Mark and I when we first moved to Chile as young adventure seeking opportunists. There are two more to come in the comming months. So far they are loving it. Posted by Picasa

I wonder if money grows on trees here.

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The Town of Plenty

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