Sunday, December 18, 2005

Run for Toys

On the weekend, over 7800 bikers packed their bags with toys and toured from all parts of Tasmania to meet in the city Hobart. The toys were then donated to a charity for children in forgien lands who are much less fortunant then ours. We watched one bike after another with stuffed toys spilling out of packs. Some were strapped on to handle bars others were tailing the bike in a small trailer. It was impressionable watching the rough, ranchy, rugged bikers on such a endearing mission. Sweet. Posted by Picasa

Santa dog

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Charlie Brown Christmas tree

We'll this wasn't exactly what we were looing for. We...well...thought there might be some fuller trees in the back. There weren't. This is as good as it gets. It looked a bit more like a branch. They certainly don't grow them like they do in Canada. Well it might look better with the ornaments. ( I think we are going to check out the fake option) Posted by Picasa