Sunday, December 25, 2005

A Summary (no pun intended)

The question in my mind today was as to if snow, cold, and frost was a prerequesite to Christmas. When we walked on the beach today I realized that I really liked having Christmas in summer. Our friends who recently relocated to New Zealand just wrote a great blog post regarding this very issue(attached link). The roasting of turkey in 28 degrees C. is definently a no go for next year. Seafood sounds much better. It is too hot to roast anything for very long. We missed the free ski on Christmas day in our local Canadian ski hill of our previous life but other then that there really isn't much eles to miss as far a winter/summer goes. The biggest miss is the friends, and family that we are so far from. We are wishing them the best holiday season, good fortune, health, and we miss you. Merry Christmas and may Santa be good to you. Cheers! Posted by Picasa

Dreaming of Christmas dinner

The Rubster. Posted by Picasa

J and her violin

She needs some practice. Posted by Picasa

The Aviary

Christmas in Tasmania brought a special suprise. A big Aviary from the grandparents. It came with two zebra finches, a pair of budgies, and a pair of canaries. The kids love it. I love it because the birds all live outside. Posted by Picasa

Boomer Fever

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Christmas Stag

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Seasons Greeting from Rudolf and His Clan

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