Sunday, April 23, 2006

Sandy and Me

Friends become more important the older I get. The town in B.C Canada we left one year ago hadn't really changed much. Most of our friends were still there. Everyone looked the same. Even our old house hadn't changed much. There were moments that seem like we had never left.

This is a picture of Sandyand me (My Garden blog). Sandy was the first friend I made when I moved to Canada from Southern Chile 15 years ago. We rode horses together, spent lots of time eating together, discussed politics and religion (which neither of us know anything about). We shared our motherhood and child rearing experiences as two good friends. She also inspirired me to garden. Notice the little knome. It was a gift to me from Sandy. It is very cute and very special. I can't wait until she comes to Tasmania. Posted by Picasa

Old Friends

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Tassie Ted Goes International

This is the internaional crossing( Peace Arch) between the US and Canada. Tassie Ted belongs to my childrens school. He was intrusted with us for the trip to N.America. The kids were to journal all of Tassie Teds adventures while away on vacation. As you can see Tassie Ted has been eating too much on vacation...much like the rest of us. Posted by Picasa

First Buds (Canada)

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Waiting for Spring (Canada)

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