Thursday, April 13, 2006

I Am Back

British Columbia Ferry from Vancouver Canada to Vancouver Island

I am flattered I was missed. I left Hobart Aust. on March 15 for almost one month tour of N.A West cost from Canada to California. Our first stop was Hermosa Beach California where my parents live and where I grew up. Sunny and warm but crowed. However I am sure they bost the best Mexican food in California. I gained at least 6 lb but worth it.

We later flew up to Canada where we toured Vancouver Island, visited some of my dearest friends ( Sandy from My Garden was one of them). We drove onto Seattle Wa where we stayed with family, then on to Eugene Oregon where the Hippies still live on in full force. It always amazes me how some areas never change and others do a 180 degree turn around. All of it was great!
I wasn't sure how I would preceive life in NA. again after leaving it a year ago but one thing was for certain...I still miss Tim Hortons coffee, authentic Mexican Food, Best Foods Mayo, and our family of friends in Canada.

Thanks for all your emails of concern.
I ment to post my bloggin break but just got too busy having fun. I will post the detail and pictures of our trip over the next few days.



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