Thursday, January 26, 2006


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Ab shell

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Breath In-Breath Out

I was just thinking back to my childhood school years growing up in a coastal town situated just west of Los Angeles California. Several times a year the wind would shift and blow the LA. smog toward the coast. In primary school it wasn't uncommon for several days each year to have a 1st,2nd,or 3rd stage smog allert. We were kept indoors and not allowed to run or play at recess or PE. By the end of the day,.my lungs would be sore. A deep breath often ended in a coughing fit. These were the days before cars were required smog checks and regulations on industrial pollutants were very permissive.

I found this little tidbit of information about Tasmania's superior air quality and thought it would make an interesting post.

The Cape Grim Baseline Air Pollution Station, located in the far north west of the Tasmania, regularly monitors Tasmania as having the world’s cleanest air.
The lack of pollution is due to the island’s southerly latitude, its position in the Southern Ocean, low-key development, distance from other land masses, and the cleansing effect of the Roaring Forties. The Cape Grim station is located in the path of the Roaring Forties, which are strong westerly winds that carry pollution-free air thousands of kilometres across the Southern Ocean.
The facility is jointly run by the Bureau of Meteorology and CSIRO and records vital information about changes to the atmospheric composition of the Southern Hemisphere.