Monday, August 01, 2005

East Coast-Freycinet

National Geographic should want this pic of the Tasmanian Sky

Friendly parking lot wallabys
Wineglass Bay

A moderate 1 hour roundtrip hike. The kids did well.

Convict built with no mortar early 1800
The spikes
Beach at Hereford
We caught nothing again!

Tasmania's East Coast was a vision of a south pacific island. It sports so many pristine, white beaches , clear water of the most incredible colors, wineries dotting the main highway as well as fascinating historical sites. This was spectacular. The tempature is several degrees warmer then Hobart. The beaches start at Orford and don 't stop until you stop. We stayed in Coles Bay a small town that virtual shuts down in the winter. It is the jumping off spot for The Freycinet National Park. Here are some more beautiful beaches and the famous view of Wineglass