Thursday, September 01, 2005

Snowy Mountain River Range Hatchery

Just one of the many fish ponds.

Casey lands the biggest one.
A very proud Judy modeling her fishing pose. She actually landed that one completely by herself. Her father was even prouder
We took an hour drive through many small towns heading south-west of Hobart. Let me emphisis the word small when refering to the towns. Judbury was so small that it consisted of a post office and small playground and a handful of houses on large, spacious acreges but beautiful none-the- less. At the end of our hour drive we found the Snowy Mountain River Hatchery. We were all given maps of various fishing ponds privately owned and stocked by the Snowy River Mountain Range Hatchery. Fishing poles were provided and a bag of chum (salmon feed). Judy and Casey started out at the kids pond but finished at the Atlantic Salmon pond with trophy Salmon. The hatchery cleaned and gutted them and then changed $10.50/Kg. Ouch! All well worth it for the fun.