Sunday, September 25, 2005

Dover Tasmania

We bought a tent trailer and went camping this weekend. We headed out to Dover which is a costal town on south-island Tasmaia. It was beautiful. The little (I mean little!!!) town consists of a grocery store, post, office, public restroom, park, school, trailer park and a few hundred residence. Most of the residence are part-timers. The campground owners were retired Melborites who who purchased a waterfront property for a caravan park. They were advid sailors as most well-off Astralians. They has a beautiful boat to say the least. Dover is a sailors paradise. We will be back. The beaches were serene,white, with turquoise, seltered, waters They boasts a restaurant that had the best wood-fired pizza ever. Absolutely to die for. Here are some pics. This would be a lovely place to own a shack (beach house).