Thursday, September 22, 2005

Hat Pressure

The tasmanian school system is really very progressive. This morning as I was leaving Judy at her school for the day. She asked me in a desperate voice, " Mom, I need a hat". " I am going to get a red card". After I inquired further I found out that the kids get a red card if they don't have a hat on while out for recess or lunch during the months of sun. The Australian school system is year round. The kids attend school in summer as well as winter. The months of Sept. through April are sun months.

Hatless kids receive a warning, then a red card, then they are sent off to the principals office and you can't play on the playground anymore. Judy didn't know if when a convicted student was allowed back on the playground however this unknow was assumed to be indefinite. I wish someone had red carded me when I was a kid