Monday, September 12, 2005

West Coast Tasmania and the Indian Ocean

We traveled to the wild west coast of Tasmania. A very twisty 5 hour drive lead us to the town of Strahn( pop 700). Strahn has been rebuilt, referbished and revitalized. Once a logging town that sat on the Gordon River., it was a main boat way into the timber lands of the exotic Tasmanian Huon pine. Today Strahn has become the eco tourist destination for Australia. It sports two enormous Catamarans that will take you up The Gordon to the first convict sight at Sarah Island. Just outside of Strahn are the Hente Dunes. These are Tsanami sized sand dunes great for sliding down. They are also used by ATV's and dirt bikes. I actually saw The Man From Snowy River there. He was building a fire. Since the movie he ditched the pony and bought an ATV...Really!

Woody the Roo

Fields of Button Grass

Frenchman's Cap
Gum Trees are beautiful from all angles
Strahn, Tasmania
Visions of Canada
Shells of the Indian Ocean